2015: 30 Best Avant Albums.

As I said in my previous post, this year I focused on electronic/drone and industrial. Some of my favorite record labels this year are Opal Tapes, Pan Records, Erased Tapes Records, Constellation, and Mutant Records. So let’s get right to it, here are my favorite albums for this year in no specific order though the first 6 albums mentioned along with Subhiem’s, Nicolas Jaar’s, Colin Stetson’s, Alva Noto’s were definitely the highlight of my year.


This year was great and very satisfying, I kept coming across excellent records all year long and wasn’t disappointed for the most parts.

• Howl — Rival Consoles

• Garden of Delete — Oneohtrix Point Never

• Core Arcane — Kangding Ray

• Steve Hauschildt — Where All Is Fled

• James Place — Living on Superstition

• Shlohmo — Dark Red

• Evan Claminti — Meridian

• Senking — Closing Ice

• Nicolas Jaar — Pomegranates

• Blanck Mass — Dumb Flesh

 • Colin Stetson — Never Were The Way She was

• Alva Noto — Xerrox Vol.3

 • Subhiem — Foray

• Pye Corner Audio — Powler

• Bersarin Quartett — III

• Polar Inertia — Kinematic Optics

• SNTS — The Rustling Of The Leaves

• Fis — The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now

• Philip Jeck — Cardinal

• Ash Koosha — GUDD

• Kerridge — Always Offended Never Ashamed

• Lakker — Tundra

• Visionist — Safe

• Acronym — June

• Helen — The Original Faces

 • D.Å.R.F.D.H.S — In The Wake of The Dark Earth

• Pinkcourtesyphone — Sentimental Something

• Koenraad Ecker — Sleepwalkers in a Cold Circus

• Christina Vantzou — No.3

• Body Sculptures — The Base of All Beauty is the Body

2015: Revisited

Well, here’s the thing, 3 months ago I started listing my favorite albums of this year via shouts on my last.fm music profile, I received so many messages and shouts saying how much they loved my recommendations, and asking for more stuff to listen to in somewhat more sorted way, so hell why not? I’m doing this post for people who want to get more into music.

2015 was dark, for me. And you should probably know up front this list is not for the faint of heart. Almost every album that I’ve been obsessed with this year whether it’s a classic or a new release has a dark side. Maybe the reason is because I have been getting more and more into Electronic/drone and Industrial music. In this article I will start by listing albums I rediscovered in 2015.

I had been listening repeatedly to Boards of Canada’s 2002 masterpiece Geogaddi, the band’s darkest album, tracks like 1969 accompanied by alien-like looped vocals and Sunshine Recorder are just so good to be real.


Geogaddi – Boards of Canada




The way ahead of its time My Life in The Bush of Ghosts by Brian Eno and David Byrne a follow up of Talking Heads’ LP Remain in Light those albums had a lot of new waves sound that wasn’t used until later, also they experimented a lot with loops and repeating riffs over and over again, maybe those albums are the first to ever use samples, tracks like Mea Culpa and Number 8 Mix are huge examples for it, oddly enough I hadn’t heard of the album until this year, I just couldn’t believe it was made in the 80’s, but then again, we’re talking about two geniuses here.


My Life in the Bush of Ghosts – Brian Eno and David Byrne



Another album that comes to mind here is Tom Recchion’s Chaotica, an avant-grande album that came out in 1996. There are so many moments in this album where I was literally mindblown, tracks like Enormous Horses and A complex Shape in the Sky are so melancholic, weird, and powerful and definitely sound ahead of its time. I’d recommend Recchion’s work for fans of Oneohtrix Point Never specifically because I have always gotten his vibes listening to OPN’s stuff. 

Chaotica – Tom Recchion



I rediscovered Swans, they have always been one of my favorite bands but for some reason I didn’t give Soundtracks for the Blind much attention except this year, and I’m glad I did, it became one of my all time favorite albums, it has many of Swans best tracks, like Helpless Child and I Was a Prisoner in Your Skull, The whole album is an intense experience from start to finish, and it was the main reason I got so much into industrial music and rediscovered bands like Vatican Shadow, Muslimgauze, November Novelet, and A U R O R A by Ben Frost that has a lot of heavy industrial moments Nolan and Venter are mindblowing, intense, and absolutely emotional. I knew Frost is a huge fan of Micheal Gira and became very interested in his music, and coincidentally I had watched Tarkovsky’s Solaris (1972) at about the same time, and was searching for the original score when I found an album dedicated for the movie by Frost and Daníel Bjarnason, all I have to say about it that it’s  out of this world, a perfect album for a perfect movie, also there is By The Throat that Tim Hecker named his favorite album of 2009’s this is the strangest Frost album I have heard and could be my favorite. Anyway that brings me to Hecker I’ve been listening his music since 2013, got so much into it in 2014 when I heard Ravedeath 72, I was in awe. Not only the music haunted me but also something about the album art is haunting to, I remember I searched for the original Piano drop picture to use it as my facebook cover. I call him a sound artist because the art he creates is far beyond just music, he uses white noise, glitch textures, and air wave structures, sounds of what I can only describe as drones shattering. From My Love is Rotten to the Core to Harmony in Ultra violet, An Imaginary Country, Ravedeath, 72, and Virgins, what’s not to love? Tracks like Whitecaps of White Noise, Hatred of Music, They Call me Jimmy.. etc are impossible, he is one of a kind artist, and as a self-taught /freelance graphic designer I get so much inspiration listening to his music, hell, I’m forever hooked.

I also have been listening more and more to Fennesz’s Venice, such a beautiful atmospheric and emotional album, I even like it more than his most famous album Endless Summer which is great too but I prefer Venice. I started listening to him after he released his LP Becs, I was instantly in love with it specially the track by the same name, it’s unfucking real. Favorite tracks are; City of Light, The Point of It All and Rivers of Sand. Fennesz beautiful melodies that are pushed through a wall of noise and glitches are definitely worth your check.

I must not forget Kangding Ray’s Solens Arc, which I haven’t really rediscovered. I just discovered it this year, and damn! I am obsessed with it, it’s smart, intense and fresh. Not a single track was weak. A friend of mine recommended to me in August and kept listening to it till the end of the year.


Soundtracks for the Blind – Swans


A U R O R A – Ben Frost


Harmony in Ultraviolet – Tim Hecker




Few more albums I have been obsessed by this year are A.I.A Series by Grouper, and Going Places by Yellow Swans those 3 albums are kinda similar in the atmosphere and ethereal noise they have you are literally Going Places listening to this music.
Tri Repetae by Autechre my favorite album by the stunning due along with LP5 which I don’t know why they don’t get much praise like the rest of their albums.
Does it look like I’m here? by Emeralds that contains mix of tracks previously released as singles.
Soaked by Jacob Kirkegaard who’s known for his abstract scientific approach and Philip Jeck who studied visual arts and later began composing using record players and electronics, I appreciate his work specially An Ark For The Listener it’s an avant album that I find very interesting.
I have to mention A New History Warfare Vo1: Judges by Collin Stetson a freaking genius whose music ranges from an avant-grande jazz to experimental, a great example is From No Part of Me Could I Summon a Voicethat you have to check out, it makes me feel strangely sad an not at ease, I feel like it’s what anxiety sounds like.
Also an interesting record that I came across lately is Essays in Idleness by Christopher Bissonnette  some synthesizer music shimmering with riveting sounds and beautiful glitches a great track and my favorite off the record is Delusions and another record that I’d recommend listening to it after you have finished Essays would be Constants by Chris Herbert, both albums are released by Kranky one of my favorite labels ever.
Early Works by Lorenzo Senni where he uses different kind of real-time digital sound synthesis combined with old evergreen software from the 70’s and 80’s of which he produces abstract streams of radical computer music.

A.I.A Dream Loss – Grouper


Going Places – Yellow Swans


Tri Repetae – Autechre


Soaked – Jacob Kirkegaard / Philip Jeck


New History Warfare: Judges – Colin Stetson


Essays in Idleness – Christopher Bissonnettechristopher-bissonnette-large