2015: 30 Best Avant Albums.

As I said in my previous post, this year I focused on electronic/drone and industrial. Some of my favorite record labels this year are Opal Tapes, Pan Records, Erased Tapes Records, Constellation, and Mutant Records. So let’s get right to it, here are my favorite albums for this year in no specific order though the first 6 albums mentioned along with Subhiem’s, Nicolas Jaar’s, Colin Stetson’s, Alva Noto’s were definitely the highlight of my year.


This year was great and very satisfying, I kept coming across excellent records all year long and wasn’t disappointed for the most parts.

• Howl — Rival Consoles

• Garden of Delete — Oneohtrix Point Never

• Core Arcane — Kangding Ray

• Steve Hauschildt — Where All Is Fled

• James Place — Living on Superstition

• Shlohmo — Dark Red

• Evan Claminti — Meridian

• Senking — Closing Ice

• Nicolas Jaar — Pomegranates

• Blanck Mass — Dumb Flesh

 • Colin Stetson — Never Were The Way She was

• Alva Noto — Xerrox Vol.3

 • Subhiem — Foray

• Pye Corner Audio — Powler

• Bersarin Quartett — III

• Polar Inertia — Kinematic Optics

• SNTS — The Rustling Of The Leaves

• Fis — The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now

• Philip Jeck — Cardinal

• Ash Koosha — GUDD

• Kerridge — Always Offended Never Ashamed

• Lakker — Tundra

• Visionist — Safe

• Acronym — June

• Helen — The Original Faces

 • D.Å.R.F.D.H.S — In The Wake of The Dark Earth

• Pinkcourtesyphone — Sentimental Something

• Koenraad Ecker — Sleepwalkers in a Cold Circus

• Christina Vantzou — No.3

• Body Sculptures — The Base of All Beauty is the Body


Author: ホワイトノイズ

Visual Artist and Graphic Designer. Interested in white noise, minimalism, sci-fiction, generative art, patterns, glitch, vhs errors, non-fiction, new media art, drones, visual poetry, experimental languages, light and space

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