Women of Electronic/Noise music.

I have been discovering a lot amazing female artists whom influences ranges from electronic, experimental, industrial techno, noise, to drone, dark ambient and field recording.

I will list my favorite albums from them in no specific order. I think they are all brilliant and beautiful.

Klara Lewis.

Klara is a Sweden musician she does field recording form Germany, Turkey and Russia her most famous work -even though she is relatively unkown and underrated as most of the artists in this list are. Ett is a 10 tracks experimental album with electronic textures and layers of field recordings that makes the album distinctively beautiful and unique. Another album that I personally digged alot is her EP entitled Msuic that is as much worth the listen.

Klara’s new album Too is among my list of best Avant album of 2016.


•Aleksandra Grünholz

Aleksandra is actually a graphic designer who has been releasing music under two names, Project called We Will Fail where her work focuses on soundscapes filled with drones, electronic drums, synthesis, and field recordings with techno and industrial feel, my favorite release is Verstorung. Another project is called Zamilska where the tracks are more harsh sounding and quite intense industrial techno, Untune is amazing.



Sophia Loizou

Sophia Loizou is yet another incredible female discovery, her new album Singularca is also on my list of best Avant albums of 2016, her music ranges between drone, contemporary classical with light glitches that’s kinda new on recent work, slightly different from Chrysalis but equally as impressive and dark.


•Kara-liz Coverdale

Kara plays piano, organ, keyboard and is also known for her experimental projects, she’s worked before with Tim Hecker on Virgins and Massacred for Gold and lately on her own album Aftertouches that is incredibly beautiful, extremely melodic with amazing production, the music uniquely merges between electronic sounds and classical notes that’s broken and looped over, exciting and full of energy, sort of puts me in a dream-like state, actually somehow reminded me of OPN’s at times, IMGS/R definitely gave me Power of Persuasion vibes, which I wasn’t surprised given that Hecker’s latest work Love Streams is heavily influenced by his collab with Daniel Lopatin on Instrumental Tourists. Kara also worked with Lee Bannon on Patterns of Excel.


•Letha Rodman Melchior

Couldn’t find much information about her, but her album Shimmering Ghost is an avant-garde masterpiece, easily has everything that I like about this genre of music, imaginative, daring and kept me wanting more. One of the BEST albums I have heard recently, can’t wait to check out the rest of her work.


•Christina Nemec

Christina Nemec is Chra and part of Shampoo Boy. She creates music by manipulating low frequencies of sine waves, using soundeffects. I heard Chra’s album Empty Airport that was released last year and I wasn’t expecting much of it, but by the end of it I was quite impressed. She definitely deserves more recognition.


•Frederikke Hoffmeier

A Copenhagen-based experimental artist with few alias, my favorite of hers is Puce Mary, a power electronics/ harsh industrial solo project. I always go to The Spiral probably are my most listened to by her.


• Ruth White and Annie Gosfield

I have been visiting late 60’s and early 70’s electronic and avant-grade scenes and came across two absolutely brilliant women, Ruth White music is incredible and so hard to believe it was recorded in the 60’s, her album Flowers of Evil is not only nightmarish sounding but also her spoken words of beautiful poetry on top of it makes is even more spookier and draws you into her weird world.

Annie mixes electronic sounds with classical music to make an enjoyable and creative listen, I highly recommend Burnt Ivory and Loose Wires.

•Motion Sickness of Time Travel

Motion Sickness of Time Travel is Rachel Evans, not a new discovery I have been listening and loving her music since last year, but I decided to include her since I haven’t mentioned her before in my blog, her music reminds me a lot of Grouper, same ethereal noises, same haunting vocals and same dro(w)ny music experience.

All her albums are incredible, Self-titled one is massive but an album that don’t get much love even thought it might be my favorite is Slow Architecture.


Author: ホワイトノイズ

Visual Artist and Graphic Designer. Interested in white noise, minimalism, sci-fiction, generative art, patterns, glitch, vhs errors, non-fiction, new media art, drones, visual poetry, experimental languages, light and space

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