10 Favorite Power Electronics records

I am listening to a lot of power electronics these days and I thought of sharing 8 of my old/new favorite albums.

•Ramleh — Hole in the Heart


•Prurient — Bermuda Drian


•Damien Dubrovnik — First Burning Attraction


•Croation Amor — Genitalia Garden


•IRM — Virgin Mind


•November Novelet — From Heaven on Earth


•Cremation Lily — Fires Frame the Silhouette


•Maska Genetik — Strada


•Alberich — Psychology of Love


•Haus Arafna — You



Rabbit Hole; Repulsion (1965)

Rabbit Hole is a new thing I’ll do where I’ll talk/rant about one of my favorite movies.

I just rewatched Repulsion, Roman Polanski’s masterpiece in my opinion, though he made lots of amazing movies, but nothing came close to this except maybe a very similar film that deals with the same subject, The Tenet which he starred and directed, by still didn’t beat Repulsion for me.



I still remember the first time I watched this movie. Simply because it’s the most terrifying non-horror movie I’d ever watched. Not an easy watch, deeply unsettling, I had it stuck in my head for weeks after I had seen it. Polanski’s portrait of a troubled woman is unreal, a woman who since the very beginning we can feel her loneliness, her shallow eyes reflects how alienated she is, how she is living in her own world and slowly descend to madness in such a way that is truly haunting best representation of the isolation and fear and agony that surrounds an insane mind.

“I must get this crack mended..” she knows something is terribly wrong, does she ever seek anyone?



Everything about this movie is perfect, the cinematography is surreal and terrifying, Catherine Deneuve gives the best performance of her career. The whole thing is an intense experience. The end left me speechless. You know why she learnt to keep quit, why she never seek anyone. It’s a must see, I also made a playlist called “Carole’s Illusion” because I couldn’t get over this movie.

Carole’s Illusion from TheRealRadwa on 8tracks Radio.


I don’t care what time it is. Life is not letting me live lately. I am down as hell. Not watching movies, scrobbling 100 tracks per day like I’m trying to shut down my mind but I’m failing miserably. The only happiness I get is either from my little kitten who is incredibly attached to me or from reading. I am not talking to anyone as if speaking is becoming a contagious illness that I am fighting and insisting not to catch.
Got some new books, trying to learn and keep myself busy, also finally got the new macbook pro that I have been saving for, for almost a year, to be able to work on projects without the need to kill myself with the very little power I had. Moving my music and movies is a bitch though, only 3% of my stuff is on my new computer.
Alienating my existence by listening to the ritual industrial of Voice of Eye and the integrated music of Vladimír Hirsch, sometimes industrial/dark ambient music of Nocturnal Emissions, sometimes harsh power electronics of Alberich and IRM and other times I’m just sitting there crying to contemporary/neo-classical.
I am so over things. All things. I don’t want most of the things I wanted. Just want to keep my mind at peace, so be it if I wanted to stay home all night and stay in bed all day.
I haven’t been writing lately but I’m trying to slowly get back on the track to what I planned for this year.