[A post dedicated to my current favorite albums that I might just be obsessed with.]

•Geneviève Pasquier — Le Cabaret Moi

(favorite track: All the Other Girls, Some Days Ago)

Geneviève’s is a German musician and part of industrial duos Thorofon and The Musick Wreckers, she started releasing solo dance/electropop albums for two years between 2003 and 2005. The lyrics on Le Cabaret Moi is mostly french and the music is mix of oldschool electopop and has some industrial sound influences, Genevieve voice is quite beautiful and I often find myself humming to it, another album that I enjoyed a lot is Soap Bubble Factory. 


•Monte Cazazza — The Worst of Monte Cazazza

(favorite track: Candy Man)

He’s an American musician and considered to have had a role in shaping early/old school industrial music, Monte’s uses sound collage, noise manipulation and haunting spoken words both funny and terrifying. The worst of Monte Cazzaza is shocking and amazing.

•Krzysztof Penderecki — Requiem Polaco

(favorite track: Libera Me, Domine)

Krzysztof is a Polish classical and avant-grade musician, Requiem Polaco happens to be the first and only work of his for me to check out, the album has 16 music pieces all of which explores a range of orchestral sounds and textures and translate different emotions, some tracks do stand out than the other but over all an intense experience and I’ll keep going back to this one.

•Throbbing Gristle — Heathen Earth

(favorite track: Dream Machine)

I’m yet to explore all Throbbing Gristle’s discography but after listening to 20 Jazz Funks and The Third and Finale Report and absolutely digging their sound, I decided to check another release which so happened to be Heathen Earth, I have been into industrial music for quite sometime now and I did listen to a lot of solo work form Throbbing Gristle’s members like Cosey and Chris Carter whom I will get into in a few minutes, anyway, Heathen Earth is a live album that came out in 1980, it was performed at the industrial records studio to a few number of guests and audience who where all credited by their names on the viynl (including Monte Cazzaza) I didn’t think I’d like it but I very much did, and I got more and more familiar with their songs, the album is strange, unique, almost atmospheric, I will remember the first time I listen to it for ages to come. 

•raison d’être Within the Depths of Silence and Phormations

(favorite track: Asscend of the Blessed, Inner Depths of Sadness)

Great dark ambient record, very haunting layers of sound with hints of industrial moments, calming but terrifying at times, I always imagine this music played in the remains of a dirty bar in a dystopian city with nothing left but sand, smoke and a beaming light.

•Carter Tutti Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey

(favorite track: Retrodect, Obsession, Lost Bliss)

One of my favorite albums to listen to when working or making art, also one of the records that I go back to after a long day, I’d take my computer and cigarettes and listen to this in the my room’s balcony, and I’m instantly in a better mood.

•Les Joyaux de la Princesse Aux petits Enfants de France

(favorite track: Le Tambour des Orphelins)

Les Joyaux de la Princess is french musician Erik Konofal, he is known to have worked with huge industrial, darkwave, and dark ambient bands like Death in June and Muslimgauze, Aux Petuts Enfants is a dark ambient records with material industrial and melancholic neo-classical sounds. Some nice dark music for the dark days.

•Neutral Serpents in the Dawn

(favorite track: Noone to Follow, Seprents in the Dawn )

One of my favorite discoveries of this year indeed, Neutral is a neofolk/apocalyptic folk band from Russia, it’s known for its use of acoustic sound. There’s something about Serpents in the Dawn that just calls me in, I listened to the album for days and I couldn’t get enough. I’d recommend this album for everyone who’s interested in neofolk or even post-punk.

•Asmus Tietchens — Biotop

(favorite track: Die elektrische Horde )

Asmus Tietchens’ an incredible German sound artist and electronic music influencer, He is so criminally underrated, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of him until recently, Biotop blew me away, it was released in 1981 and it could easily pass as something that have been recorded a year ago, it’s that ahead of its time, the last time I felt that way about a record was My Life in the Bush of Ghosts by David Byrne and Brian Eno which was also released in 81 , a record I’m still talking about nearly 2 years after I’d discovered it, those kind of albums are unforgettable. I read that Asmus “approach music from an almost mathematical process of rigid formal exercises“, his music is quite interesting, that I have to say, I also read that “Tietchens specializes in irregular patterns of sonic abstractions that are suspended in gray drones to create cold textural voids from external references. His music is often inspired and refers to the texts of the philosopher E.M Cioran.”

•Deutsch Nepal Deflagration Of Hell

(favorite track: Deflagration of Hell, Excursioner Angel )

What a ride! Deutsch Nepal is Peter Andersson, a dark ambient/material industrial project from Sweden, Deflagration of Hell is a perfect title for this album, very dark noise, kind of reminds me of ritual industrial noises, I don’t know, but for some reason it gives me the same feel when listening to Transcendence by Voice of Eye, which I absolutely love as well.

•Anne GillisLxgrin

(favorite track: Untitled 11, 12)

One of the most interesting female artists that I came across since my post about “Women of Electronic/Noise Music” Anne Gillis also known as Manon Anne Gillis and Devil’s Picnic is an American Visual artist, performer, and sound artist. Her music as Anne Gillis is mostly sound samples and loops, her music is very magical, but my favorite works of her remain the EP she released as Devil’s Picnic where her music is more snyths, experimental electronic and less elementary.

•Herz Jühning Miasma

(favorite track: Reopened Eyes)

Found his music when searching for new power electronic albums, and I’m glad I did, after a haunt online I was able to download Miasma, a very well put together harsh noise album, I enjoyed every track specially Reopened Eyes. I also found a very disturbing video for this song on youtube which fits perfectly. 

[below are 3 honorable mentions of albums I really enjoyed the past couple of months]

Etat Brut Mutations Et Prothèses

(favorite track: Hommes nus)

Pimentola Misantropolis

(favorite track: Psychopompos)

•Dernière Volonté — Devant Le Miroir

(favorite track: L’Eau Pure)


Author: ホワイトノイズ

Visual Artist and Graphic Designer. Interested in white noise, minimalism, sci-fiction, generative art, patterns, glitch, vhs errors, non-fiction, new media art, drones, visual poetry, experimental languages, light and space

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