Quick thoughts on Arrival (2016) and Nocturnal Animals (2016)

Not a Rabbit Hole review because I just watched those movies literally two days ago and I am still in shock by just how perfect they are and how much I enjoyed them I also haven’t got them in a great quality to screenshot some of my favorite frames but right off the bat the cinematography on both of them is very aesthetically pleasing and haunting.

I will start with Arrival, I jumped on watching it having no idea whatsoever what is was about, or even who directed it, and I am glad I did, I want to do this more, choose movies based on title and poster and jump in and see what happens, I only knew Arrival was a sci fi movie that stars Amy Adams. Here’s the thing, I like science fiction that creates a fantastic world with scientific basis, that follows an internal logic, I like fantasy that breaches our universe’s logic but not its own and creates a believable world using science extrapolated from our universe’s internal logic.
Arrival does that profoundly and is easily one of the best sci fi movies I have ever seen, I reckon it will go down as a classic, I remember tweeting before that I’m yet to see an “aliens” movie that would impress me, I am so happy to finally witness that in Arrival and while the acting was amazing on Amy Adams’ part, the masters of this experience are Denis Villeneuve and Jóhann Jóhannsson making this movie freshly original, unique and atmospheric in both scenery and sound.

(after Jóhann’s effort in this movie I’m actually very excited for his work in Blade Runner I was very skeptical about him filling in Vangelis shoes and wished it was OPN instead but damn I was wrong)



Nocturnal Animals on the other hand I had watched the trailer sometime ago and I knew it was directed by fashion designer Tom Ford, I went on watching it expecting way less than what I saw, the movie is so well made, every shot could be a painting, the colors and the music were hauntingly beautiful, Jake Gyllenhaal is phenomenal as always, and Michael Shannon is so effortlessly brilliant, I which I could see him in more roles, he’s very underrated and deserves more recognition. While watching the movie I thought about something, there’s an interesting phenomena called The Baader-Meinhof that I read about recently it’s where you learn about something new and then you start seeing it everywhere around you not because it’s suddenly appearing out of nowhere, it has always been there you are noticing it more because your mind usually select attention, watching the movie, Amy Adams’ character (Susan) while reading her ex-husbands’ novel kind of experience something similar to that, she starts noticing things, like the REVENGE banner in her work, the violent painting in her home, she’s exploring feelings she hid for long time. It’s like she is learning things about herself that she wasn’t aware of. I thought it was very beautifully done. Nocturnal Animals is about changing, I think, how life turns, in the beginning of the movie Edward was the “weak”, sentimental one, and by the end they almost exchange parts,  it’s about time and how life turns, it’s not so much about revenge as much as it’s about how Edward learnt to move on from a heartbreak and how Susan is learning to let go of her guilt. The ending might be confusing to some but for me it was perfect.

tumblr_ok507dxjqf1s3nyb0o6_540tumblr_ok507dxjqf1s3nyb0o8_540Screenshot 2017-01-21 12.29.58.png

A finale thought about these two movies is that they are definitely not for everyone, but I am 100% sure, if you’re someone who likes thought-provoking cinema, you will absolutely love these.

What’s in my bag?

Decided to do something fun today, I was heading to work/study out because the weather is stunning today, here’s the items I took with me in my backpack.

•my Logo Modernism book cause I’m working on a self branding project.

•my medium moleskine sketch notebook

•a pencil

•Tom Henry’s The Accidental Creative (very useful read for any artist)

•my headphones (having Molly Nilsson’s song on repeat today)

•my macbook pro

Rabbit Hole; The Lobster (2016)

The Lobster is a black comedy/drama movie set in a dystopian future, the first English language movie by Dogthooth director Yorgos Lanthimos which is just as weird, unique and original. I normally find these first trials to be a bit disappointing but The Lobster and Park Chan-wook’s Stoker definitely prove me wrong. When I decided to watch it the movie poster is what first caught my eyes  very beautiful use of white space.


“He did not burst into tears and he didn’t think that the first thing most people do when they realize that someone doesn’t love them anymore is cry.”

The movie starts with unfamiliar looking Colin Farrell “David” being left by his ex wife and moving out with his dog/ or his brother to what we later know as The Hotel, a place where newly single people stay for a period of time in order to find a partner and if they failed to become a couple during that period they will be turned into an animal of their choice.

Screenshot 2017-01-16 09.53.21.png


Let me just say that this is hands down one of the strangest and unsettling movies I’ve ever seen, and not because it’s set in a future society where people are turned to animals if they can’t find a partner. But because there were so many moments in this movie where I just didn’t know what to feel, how can it be so depressing yet so incredibly funny? A lot of scenes had something terrible and disturbing going on but the dialogue was hilarious I was literally laugh-crying during it. It’s definitely not an easy movie to watch, but I totally loved it. There are many movies out there that’s labeled Black-Comedy but this one is truly is. Everything about this movie is brilliant, the story, the acting, the music is shocking, the cinematography is amazing; the shots reflect loneliness, and the use of colors mostly cool-toned match the coldness of the movie, the blue-blooded lobster perfectly.


Screenshot 2017-01-16 10.50.57.png

After I wrote my review of this movie I checked letterboxd for other reviews, and I rarely encounter a movie that leave everyone feeling exactly like one another, Lanthimos is a master with his vision, delivers, sends a clear message, yet it’s thought provoking, it lingers, and is hard to shake off.