Tributes 2017; Glitched Artists

Tribute artworks for my favorite artists.

This project focuses on my interest in merging different forms of art and design in one, like using the clean minimalistic style and chaotic glitch aesthetics whilst still not losing grip of the main aspect and idea of the project.

Tribute 1;  Glitched Rene Magritte.

Magritte is without a doubt my favorite artist of all time, some of my favorite paintings are; Not To Be Reproduced, The Mysteries of Horizon, The Lovers, and Sixteenth of September.

References; Son of Man, Rene’s self portraits and The schoolmaster.



Tribute 2; Glitched Salvador Dali

References; Lincoln, Dali’s self portraits and the persistence of memory.


Lofi Dystopia

Series of on-going glitch artworks I’ve been working on for 2016.

I’m a huge sci-fi fan and lately been so inspired, and watching  and reading a ton of cyper-punk and post apocalyptic pieces. The theme of the project is an imagined dystopian/ futuristic city-scapes, images are lofi, taken and edited through out this year.

●Abstract shapes

●Tree, sky, buildings, sea elements

●Black and white visuals

●Pixel sorting

●Lo-fi scapes



أخطاء في مدونة بصرية /Errors in a Visual Diary; 2015

“A year here and he still dreamed of cyberspace, hope fading nightly. All the speed he took, all the turns he’d taken and the corners he cut in Night City, and he’d still see the matrix in his dreams, bright lattices of logic unfolding across that colourless void.”

—William Gibson, Neuromancer.

















All images are mine from a project called أخطاء في مدونة بصرية /Errors in a Visual Diary. I took and broke all of them last year, 2015.
The project is inspired by William Gibson’s Novel “Neuromancer” , A visual diary broken and recreated to explore a dream-like state.

Bits and Pieces of My Graphic Design Work. (on going)

Some of my work, mostly posters.

First poster is from a series called “Designs for Imaginary Subjects” that I worked on last November.

The series is of minimal poster designs based on non-existent / imaginary subjects.

Each design is an idea mainly inspired by a favorite electronic or drone music track. My favorite of the series is a piece called “Static Variation”

Static Variation is one of the first projects I worked on, the design is inspired by my favorite genres of music which are electronic/ drone/ glitch and idm music, also one of the main reasons I got into designing was album covers, specially those made by The Designers Republic; a graphic design studio based in Sheffield, England. 

The design is inspired by a playlist by the same name I made on spotify, featuring artists like: Tim Hecker, Ben Frost, Oneohtrix Point Never, Jon Hopkins, Kangding Ray and Rival Consoles, you can listen to it here.

Favorite tracks from the playlist are:  Ten Days of Falling by Shlohmo, When We Were Queens by Kangding Ray, Away by Subhiem and Holding Horses by Colleen

static variation2

imaginary subject #3 Artists write about the process of creating noise from “Designs for Imaginary Subjects” by Radwa Abd El-Moniem

 Another poster from the same project is called “Fragments of Space and Time.”

The concept of the design comes from the fact that space is infinite while time has a beginning and an end.

Color Scheme used: Nebula for space.

Patterns and distances: References for time.

Lettering: For fragments


 Imaginary subject #1 Fragments of Space and Time by Radwa Abd-El Moniem

Another poster that I worked on recently is called “White Noise” from a project called Geometry of Noise.

The whole project combines my love for both Geometric designs and Noise. It’s abstract and flat minimal but in this particle poster I added a sort of glitchy feel to it, to stress about the structure and nature of white noise waves.

It’s done with illustrator where I created and used brushes to give the glitch-like  effect.

geometry of noise.jpg

White Noise from “Geometry of Noise” by Radwa Abd El-Moniem


A personal set design project of mine that I love so much and also one of the first projects I worked on is called “RRRRRRAAAAAAAA (What I learnt)” is based on photo manipulation and breaking images to create some interesting visuals. And is dedicated to special someone to me, and to Ellen Lupton and Alan Fletcher, iconic graphic designers and writers that I admire greatly, I have had just finished reading Thinking With Type and The Art of Looking Sideways  at the time, first books about design and Typography I have ever read and was left very inspired.

NEW PROJECT 4new project 33New Project re

“RRRRRRAAAAAAAA (What I learnt)” by Radwa Abd El-Moniem