Tributes 2017; Glitched Artists

Tribute artworks for my favorite artists.

This project focuses on my interest in merging different forms of art and design in one, like using the clean minimalistic style and chaotic glitch aesthetics whilst still not losing grip of the main aspect and idea of the project.

Tribute 1;  Glitched Rene Magritte.

Magritte is without a doubt my favorite artist of all time, some of my favorite paintings are; Not To Be Reproduced, The Mysteries of Horizon, The Lovers, and Sixteenth of September.

References; Son of Man, Rene’s self portraits and The schoolmaster.



Tribute 2; Glitched Salvador Dali

References; Lincoln, Dali’s self portraits and the persistence of memory.


Lofi Dystopia

Series of on-going glitch artworks I’ve been working on for 2016.

I’m a huge sci-fi fan and lately been so inspired, and watching  and reading a ton of cyper-punk and post apocalyptic pieces. The theme of the project is an imagined dystopian/ futuristic city-scapes, images are lofi, taken and edited through out this year.

●Abstract shapes

●Tree, sky, buildings, sea elements

●Black and white visuals

●Pixel sorting

●Lo-fi scapes



Book Review: Graphic Design Visionaries.


Graphic Design Visionaries is a book by journalist and graphic art editor Caroline Roberts, it was published in June, 2015 by Laurence King, one of my favorite publishers.. The book features 75 of the world’s most famous and influential designers that broke new grounds in the field from 1885 to 1992, artists are sorted in the book via year they were born. Some of the designers featured are actually Graphic Design studios, like Pentagram, The Designers Republic, and Hipgnosis.

When I first ordered my copy I didn’t expect mush of it and wasn’t so sure if I’d like it, I ordered it with other books cause it was suggested to me more than once and totally forgot about till I received my order. And I was impressed, for one, I didn’t think it would be that big, it’s 312 pages, 20.3 x 2.5 x 29.2 cm  where each designer’s featured in 4 pages. Paper quality is amazing, the layout is clear and nice, with lots and lots of inspiration, also pictures of the actual artist is there next to their work! Something that to be honest almost all history books lack. I totally loved this book, very informative aside from being and absolute eye candy. I will include lots of high resolution pictures in this review so you’d have a better idea what it’s all about. Do I recommend it? Definitely.

Book Review: Logo Modernism.

image on the left is of my copy when it first arrived, right is after few days

Logo Modernism is a book by Jens Müller a German graphic designer born in 1982. He is a creative director at Optik Design studio and teaches graphic design history and editorial design. The book was published in January 2015 by Taschen.

This book is huge! It’s an A3 in size and weights about 5kg, one of the pretties books I ever laid hands on. That been said, let’s move on.

The book consists of 6 Chapters.
-Viva Modernism!
-and then divided into sections of:

Geometric (like circular, square, lines, grid, triangle)

Effect (like duplication, rotation, split..etc)

Typographic from A to Z. Each one of them has a case study.
-Profiles (of great and influential graphic designers from 60’s to 80’s)

It’s very nicely laid-out with all of the designs being black and white so you’d focus more on the ideas instead of colors and gradients which might be distracting at times. Also the A3 dimensions makes it pretty easy and comforting for the eyes to move through the huge amount of logos.

Muller was able to gather a collection of about 6000 logos from the time period of 1940 till 1980.

I’ll probably keep visiting it every now and then so I could take it all in. I don’t wanna saturate my brains with all the amazing ideas.

It’s a must have for any artist slightly interested in logos and abstract art or patterns. It’s on the pricey side I paid a total of 900 L.E to buy it and have it shipped to my address in Egypt, but was totally worth it, I’m already working on an R for my self branding project. Definitely one of the best buys I made this year. A true classic in the making.